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Perth’s Garden Lighting Specialists

As the premier landscaping service provider in Perth’s northern suburbs, Kinetic Landscaping delivers a range of high-quality garden lighting solutions to illuminate the outdoor areas of both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced service team can design and install a bespoke lighting system to create an ideal ambience for your garden.

Illuminate Your Landscape

A great outdoor lighting system starts with meticulous and thoughtful planning – what do you want to highlight in your landscape? Feature walls, pathways, greenery, water features or decking could all be emphasised through the use of garden lighting. Your garden lighting should showcase the aesthetics of your home and landscape design, assisting in setting the ambience for your outdoor areas. A well planned and executed lighting system not only assists in providing atmosphere to your space, but can assist with safety by outlining potential trip hazards at night.

It is essential to consider the lighting system in your landscaping design as early as possible so provisions can be made for housing and cabling to connect your lights to a power source.

Our Garden Lighting Solutions

At Kinetic Landscaping, we utilise the best available garden lighting products from trusted and reputable brands in the industry. Our experience expands across a range of landscaping projects and we are well equipped to design and install a bespoke lighting system to highlight your landscape to perfection.

We recommend using LED garden lighting running directly from your home’s power. These lights tend to last longer and have greater energy efficiency than other alternative options. We have a range of qualified and experienced electrical contractors we collaborate with who can run the cables where they need to go.

In the situation where directly powered LED lights are not suited to your landscape design, we have access to a range of solar lights that may be suitable. Careful consideration needs to be given to any solar light installation regarding the amount of sunlight exposure they will receive in the location. You should also keep in mind solar lights are generally less durable than powered LED lights.

Our lighting solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Recessed decking lights
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Hanging lights
  • Path lighting
  • Floodlights
  • Spotlights

Maximise Your Landscape’s Potential

With vast landscaping experience spanning over 25 years, Kinetic Landscaping’s dedicated and  professional service team are well positioned to deliver bespoke garden lighting systems to the highest of standards.

Kinetic Landscaping is the premier landscaping company servicing Perth’s northern suburbs. Our expertise lies in transforming your residential and commercial spaces with creative and unique landscaping construction – from individual services, to complete garden renovations.

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