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Water Features Perth

Transform your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat with the relaxing sound of moving water. Kinetic Landscaping can supply and install a range of water features to suit your landscape and home to perfection.

Tranquillity in Your Own Backyard

Water features are a terrific way to create a relaxing atmosphere in the outdoor areas of your home. With plenty of styles to choose from, there is bound to be a water feature solution that fits your space to perfection. At Kinetic Landscaping, we specialise in the supply and installation of all types of water features including fountains, waterwalls and water bowls. Our water feature range boasts a variety of different materials and finishes such as stainless steel, stone and concrete. All components used in the installation of our water features, from the pumps to the filters, are of the highest quality, with a focus on retaining affordability.

Our Water Feature Solutions

Water features aid in turning bland outdoor spaces into tranquil slices of paradise. At Kinetic Landscaping, we have the experience and expertise to deliver water feature solutions suited to your home’s aesthetic. The location and size of the preferred installation site will assist us in recommending a suitable style and size of water feature. In projects where a pump is necessary, an electrician may be required to run power to the area if not readily available.


A popular style of water feature adding a decorative element to the design of a garden or outdoor space. Fountains aid in enhancing visual appeal, as well as setting the atmosphere of an outdoor space with the sound and movement of water.


A waterwall is a terrific way of adding visual interest to your garden. They are suitable to outdoor spaces with limited room, functioning by recirculating water through a hidden pump. This reduces the need for an exposed pond as the water falls back into the reservoir and is pumped back to the top of the wall.

Water Bowls

Often made using fibreglass reinforced concrete, water bowls are fantastic features that can be added to gardens, larger pond designs or patios with ease. They are a relatively simple way of adding moving water to your landscape.

Pond Water Features

Ponds are a classic and timeless outdoor water feature utilised right across the country by a range of homeowners. Pond features are a great way to incorporate an ecosystem into your backyard, with the option of adding a variety of aquatic plants and animals. Regardless of whether you choose a preformed, troughed, waterproofed concrete, fibreglass reinforced concrete or lined style, your pond is designed to last for many years of enjoyment.

Realise Your Dream Landscape With Kinetic Landscaping

Kinetic Landscaping is the premier landscaping service provider across Perth’s northern suburbs. With over 25 years of experience, our skilled service team is well equipped to deliver suitable and high-quality water feature solutions for your home.

If you’ve got a landscape transformation in mind, the team at Kinetic Landscaping can assist you in bringing your ideas to life. Whether you’re looking for a standalone water feature installation or a complete garden overhaul – we have the capability to assist you.

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